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    Professor Traugott Elsässer
  • Bachelor of Psychology

    Faculty Psychology and Neuroscience
    Institute Developmental Psychology
    In the study of psychology, students can be found with a strong interest in the human psyche. In addition, there is a curiosity about the well-being of others or individual behavior patterns. Furthermore, a preference for statistics, as well as analyses, experimental methods, and diagnostics helps.

    Psychology and its different fields

    During the basic studies, insights into the various fields of psychology are provided. Accordingly, students advance into basic psychology and explore it in applied as well as practical form. The typical job descriptions fall into the category of basic psychology. In addition to general psychological aspects, biological and differential psychology are also taught. The field is supplemented by developmental psychology.


    Applied psychology combines previously learned fundamentals with practice. The task is to find theoretical solutions using the available resources and to test them. In practical psychology, on the other hand, solutions are related to conscious issues, and work is solution-oriented.


    The demand for psychological resources is constantly increasing. After all, in this fast-paced and complex world, our (mental) well-being is the most important asset. The study of psychology has adapted over the decades and thus offers an exciting and versatile range of professions.


    Today, psychologists can be found in various walks of life. In large companies, for example. There they act in the analysis of marketing strategies or co-design of the company. On the other hand, psychological counseling is offered to children and young adults. There is also a need for trained psychologists in research. These positions await after the successful completion of the Master’s program.


    Study Schedule


    • Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology
    • Quantitative Methods
    • Social Psychology
    • Biological Psychology
    • Scientific Competences for Psychology
    • Quantitative Methods II
    • Developmental Psychology
    • General Psychology I
    • Fundamentals of Diagnostics
    • General Psychology I
    • Business Psychology I
    • Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy I
    • Differential Psychology
    • Educational Psychology
    • Business Psychology II
    • Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy II
    • General Procedural Psychotherapy
    • Prevention and Rehabilitation
    • Business Psychology III
    • Biological Psychology/Neuroscience
    • Psychology of Emotion and Motivation
    • Bachelor‘s Thesis

    The Study Program in Brief

    Tuition fees amount to CHF 13,300 for the entire Bachelor’s program, including enrollment fees. In addition, there are costs for the teaching materials, which vary depending on the subject, and travel to the oral and written final examination in your area.

    Students who have successfully completed their schooling are generally eligible for admission to our distance learning university. Depending on the course of study, additional prerequisites can be defined; this is evident in the detailed study information and during registration. An equivalency procedure can be applied in case of a missing degree. There will be a written exam after each module (semester). In order to enter the next higher module, the initial examination must be successfully passed (propaedeutic).
    The Master’s programs are only open to students with a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent. Those with an equivalent degree are asked to send their documents to the Rector’s Office by mail or by post.

    The length of study depends on the desired workload and the payment made. We will be happy to create a personal study plan for you.


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