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  • Master of Philosophy and Ethics

    Master of Ethics and Philosophy

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    The Master’s program emphasizes the life-world task of philosophy and ethics, while the Master’s program is increasingly devoted to their academic contribution. This also affects the professional perspectives. In the Master’s program, the usual topics of philosophy and ethics, namely theoretical and practical philosophy, its history and analytical work are deepened, with the philosophy of science leading the way.


    Among academic subjects, philosophy at the Master’s level predominantly critiques terminologies and theoretical conceptions with a fundamentality not found elsewhere. Empirical sciences are primarily preoccupied with their discoveries rather than with the language and theoretical concepts in which they communicate their findings. By subjecting these concepts to analytical critique, philosophy is in no way interfering with the science in question but instead performing the academic function it currently has. The structure of the program is as follows:


    As part of the Master’s program, the fundamentals of philosophy are deepened in logic, in the history of philosophy, and in ethics in particular. Students can specialize in philosophical-ethical sub-areas.


    The career prospects are the same with a Master’s degree in philosophy and ethics as with a Bachelor’s degree. However, an academic career is typically only attainable with a Master’s degree.


    The Study Program in Brief

    Tuition fees amount to CHF 3,250 for the entire Master’s program, including enrollment fees. In addition, there are costs for the teaching materials, which vary depending on the subject, and travel to the oral and written final examination in your area.

    Students who have successfully completed their schooling are generally eligible for admission to our distance learning university. Depending on the course of study, additional prerequisites can be defined; this is evident in the detailed study information and during registration. An equivalency procedure can be applied in case of a missing degree. There will be a written exam after each module (semester). In order to enter the next higher module, the initial examination must be successfully passed (propaedeutic).
    The Master’s programs are only open to students with a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent. Those with an equivalent degree are asked to send their documents to the Rector’s Office by mail or by post.

    The length of study depends on the desired workload and the payment made. We will be happy to create a personal study plan for you.


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