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  • Master of Psychology

    Master of Psychology

    Faculty Psychology and Neuroscience
    Institute Developmental Psychology
    The Master’s program aims to qualify psychologists for their professional practice, whereas the Master’s program is increasingly dedicated to their academic branch. This also has an impact on career prospects. A Master’s program serves as groundwork for the academic path and is also a prerequisite for doctoral studies.


    In terms of content, the program follows the topics of the Master’s program, deepens them, and qualifies in the direction of scientific work. Research methods, creation of research designs, and many other topics around the focus on science and research in psychology form the main content of the Master’s program. A Master’s degree entitles the student to enter a doctoral program, and senior positions now require at least a Master’s degree. Is psychology a human science, a social science, or even a natural science? Depending on the view and perspectives of decision-makers, psychology has been placed in various branches of science at their respective universities. However, since psychology is so multi-layered, the integral orientation, i.e., the consistent orientation towards more perspectivity, of Yushin-Ryu University suits this research subject. Psychological phenomena are viewed and researched here from perspectives in the humanities, social sciences, as well as natural sciences. This exciting and challenging approach requires a sound grounding in epistemology and scientific theory, as well as the competence to intelligently and appropriately combine a wide variety of research methods depending on the issues at hand. A Master’s degree in psychology at Yushin-Ryu serves to enable students to cope with these complex tasks in research.

    The Study Program in Brief

    Tuition fees amount to CHF 3,250 for the entire Master’s program, including enrollment fees. In addition, there are costs for the teaching materials, which vary depending on the subject, and travel to the oral and written final examination in your area.

    Students who have successfully completed their schooling are generally eligible for admission to our distance learning university. Depending on the course of study, additional prerequisites can be defined; this is evident in the detailed study information and during registration. An equivalency procedure can be applied in case of a missing degree. There will be a written exam after each module (semester). In order to enter the next higher module, the initial examination must be successfully passed (propaedeutic).
    The Master’s programs are only open to students with a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent. Those with an equivalent degree are asked to send their documents to the Rector’s Office by mail or by post.

    The length of study depends on the desired workload and the payment made. We will be happy to create a personal study plan for you.


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