Natural Sciences

Yushin-Ryu Private University offers mathematics for study within the Faculty of Natural Sciences. This merger within one faculty consequently results in a joint range of courses. Thus, content is taught across the board, and narrow subject boundaries are bridged. The faculty offers Bachelor’s as well as Master’s degree programs in the fields of practically applied mathematics. In addition, the faculty awards the associated titles in natural sciences (Dr. rer. nat.).

Faculty information

There are many levels to mathematics, and it is not limited to numbers, multiplication or division. Today’s society, as such, would be unthinkable without mathematics. As a result, the course of study is favored and in greater demand than ever. The Yushin-Ryu teaches theoretical foundations and applications of mathematics.

The study is suitable for all who prefer abstract thinking and take unconventional solutions to heart. Besides the scientific foundations and methods of mathematics, students discover structures and figures. Needless to say, in combination with the corresponding laws.

A Bachelor’s degree provides well-founded knowledge and skills that are in demand in many professional fields. The student’s analytical thinking is sharpened, and complex problems are deciphered through creative problem-solving approaches. For this, theoretical and practical logic provides the basis, leading to an easier everyday life in mathematics.

For expanded knowledge or further specializations, the Yushin-Ryu offers the Master’s program.

The Institutes
• Institute for Practically Applied Mathematics