Social and Educational Sciences

The social and educational sciences deal with the most diverse aspects of human, individual as well as interindividual teaching, learning and development processes. Education and upbringing have been existential for humans as social beings since the beginning of humankind. Ideas of education and upbringing are subject to substantial changes in the social context. In this respect, a corresponding study is a challenging and fascinating matter. Along with a great potential for “thinking in contexts”.

Faculty description

The Faculty of Social and Educational Sciences comprises various institutes. On the individual and societal levels, they reflect the complexity of education and upbringing.

Education and upbringing, unlike other disciplines, affect all people. Each is exposed to various aspects of these issues daily. Therefore, the high complexity of the field makes inter- and transdisciplinary research, teaching and learning inevitable.

This is also in line with the primary intention of the entire university, which is committed to integral theory and practice. Because of this, it is necessary, especially in the field of education, not only to take the “classical scientific and objective” perspectives but also to illuminate the aspects of one’s own personal and social development.

Self- and social competencies are increasingly demanded in addition to well-established professional, methodological, and scientific qualifications, even at academic educational institutions worldwide. For this reason, the Faculty of Social and Educational Sciences is a “place” where personal and social competencies are given equal importance alongside professional ones.