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Institute for

Education and Educational Sciences

Located within the Faculty of Social and Educational Sciences, the Institute for Education and Educational Sciences focuses on issues related to education, training, upbringing, learning and teaching, as well as related aspects.

Upbringing and education are among the most formative influences on human development. Accordingly, they are to be classified as highly relevant. In addition, good education and upbringing correlate strongly with life satisfaction and give people access to critical societal positions. Ideally, one’s own personality profile should match the requirements of private and professional life.

To ensure individuals find their “place in life” and can use their own resources as optimally as possible, those responsible for education and training should have a sound knowledge of the subject. This means they should have a more profound knowledge of educational processes’ types, effects, and undesirable side effects. Likewise, this knowledge must be able to be put into practice.

At our university, great importance is attached to the fact that graduates do not only acquire knowledge and competencies in the “classical academic sense” – social professions in particular. On the contrary, the focus is also on the development of one’s own personality by reflecting on one’s own competencies in the social sphere and across the board in life, for example. Finally, one’s own reflection has always been a fundamental part of the educational and upbringing process.