Yushin-Ryu means something like:

The school of the courageous, brave spirit, the school of the courageous and brave heart. It is a martial art from the early 16th century and was learned and taught in central Japan by a small samurai family called Yushin. Today, only a few worldwide practice and teach this martial art. One of these few is the founder of Yushin-Ryu, Frank A. Weibel. He aims to continue the fundamental principle of this family, which is dedicated to gathering, expanding, imparting, and perfecting knowledge.

In 2008, the idea of turning it into a teaching institute was realized. Subsequently, diligent efforts were made to bring the idea to fruition, resulting in the development of 6 faculties and 12 Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. More programs are currently in progress and will be launched online in the near future.